Meet Dr. Darleen Gracia

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Licensed psychologist and your new ally

Dr. Darleen J. Gracia (she/her/ella), is a licensed psychologist specializing in serving people of color, LGBQ+ populations, and providing trans-affirming mental health care. Her passion lies in working with diversity in all its forms and is constantly seeking to put into practice her social justice and advocacy values into action.

Dr. Darleen takes a relational and collaborative approach to therapy. She brings her authentic self into the therapy room and empowers her clients to work towards the goals that make sense for them. She acts as a guide, a coach, a teacher, a sounding board.

Her Story

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Dr. Darleen has always known that she was destined to be a therapist. She has a caregiver personality at heart and will go above and beyond to meet her client’s needs. 

She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Connecticut with Magna Cum Laude distinction. Her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Boston College and her Doctorate in Psychology from Williams James College, with a specialty in Latino Mental Health. 

She has worked in university counseling centers for the past 10+ years treating college-aged individuals, and has experience serving adults throughout the lifespan in community health settings.

She is licensed to practice in Florida and Massachusetts, in addition to these 37 PSYPACT States.

What We Specialize In

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Individual Therapy

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Emotional Support Animal

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LGBTQIA+ Specialty Care

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