Professional Consultation Services

For Organizations:

Whether it’s building more knowledge, skills, and awareness around diversity issues or clarifying your organization’s mission, vision, or values, Dr. Darleen is here to help build bridges that move organizations. 

Crossing Bridges has the skills to evaluate and recommend best practices to enhance team cohesion, encourage work-life balance, and create transformative change at all levels of organizations. Dr. Darleen is here to help teams move towards living out their shared mission and values more effectively.

Training topics organizations may benefit from could include, but not limited to: 

Mental Health Consultation

For Other Mental Health Professionals:

A group of mental health professionals in various poses.

Dr. Darleen has extensive supervision experience as a licensed psychologist. She is here to provide consultative support to other mental health professionals in need of additional clinical case consultation and/or training or mentorship in other areas of mental health practice and professional development. 

 Psychologist preparing for a podcast with headphones in front of a smartphone with podcast gear and an interface and a microphone stand while wearing a white shirt.

For the Local Community or General Public: 

Dr. Darleen loves teaching and sharing what she knows to anyone that will listen, not just her clients or other professionals. She would be honored to share her knowledge, lived experience, or perspective on a variety of topics within the mental health field and general social / emotional / psychological well-being, in particular within the Latinx, BIPOC, or 2SLGBTQ+ communities. Whether it’s via a speaking engagement, participating in a community event, a podcast, a written comment (e.g., media, article, blog). Please reach out to discuss your specific request. 

Let's discuss your needs.